Marine Desalination and sewage water treatment.

A complete system for desalination and sewage water treatment on submarines, surface vessels and OFFshore platforms.

Rochem provides high quality drinking water and environmentally friendly waste water treatment systems. Our systems have been specifically designed to meet marine requirements on CruiseLiners as well as on navy vessels.

ROCHEM Bio-Filt® system for grey and black water treatment

ROCHEM Bio-Filt® Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) is a highly efficient small footprint membrane bioreactor. Based on a high-density biological process combined with patented Rochem Flat Membrane (FM) module system, the Bio-Filt system produces a pure, clean discharge without requiring chlorination or other chemical treatment, which can be passed overboard.

The system consists of the bioreactor manufactured as a modular multi-tank construction from stainless steel and the ultrafiltration unit which consists of Rochem FM modules.

The purity of the water produced by the FM module is sufficient for the reuse of water for other on-board applications including laundry make up, boiler make up and deck washing

Benefits of the Bio-Filt MBR system

  • Converts sewage from toilets, sinks, basins, showers, kitchen and laundry into clean water, which meets IMO, US and EU discharge water quality standards
  • Patented Rochem FM modules developed using open-channel technology to treat highly polluted waters
  • High-load, small footprint bioreactor
  • No chemical treatment required

ROCHEM® Reverse Osmosis-Freshwater unit for technical and freshwater on board

ROCHEM® RO-Freshwater unit desalinate, clean and sterilize sea water to high quality potable water.

The RO-Freshwater systems utilize patented open flow channel modules. The Disc Tube (DT) module is used for smaller systems and the Spacer Tube (ST) module for larger systems. The Rochem modules operate effectively and economically even at increased turbidity and Silt Density Index (SDI) levels. Due to the open flow channels the need for pre-treatment is reduced and chemical treatment eliminated, thereby reducing the footprint.

Benefits of the RO-Freshwater system

  • Low energy requirements with up to 70% energy savings
  • Reliable, low noise emission and easy to operate
  • Approved by all applicable classification societies
  • No chemical treatment required
  • Self-controlled for continuous safe operation