Water, Quality, Rochem Who we are

Our Values

The desire to provide an excellent service to our customers is the driving force of our company's philosophy.

What We Do

Since 1994 Rochem designs, develops and installs complete waste water/ drinking water treatment systems for military, marine and leachate industries.

Our focus is on offering complete systems, maintenance service and the supply of spare parts that are used mainly in the following areas:

  • Cruise ships and large ferries
  • Naval surface ships (frigates, corvettes, patrol boats, mine hunters etc.)
  • Submarines
  • Landfill leachates
  • Offshore

Our Mission and Values

When ROCHEM was founded two decades ago the mission was the same as it is today:

To supply the world with state-of-the-art water treatment solutions.

With our technologies we meet environmental concerns and the need for a healthier living environment and accommodate the water requirements for a growing population.

Our History

1994: Rochem was originally founded

2011: Rochem was acquired by APT Water

2014: APT Water established the brand ULTURA

2015: ULTURA was acquired by an Italian environmental engineering company called ITALVECO and continued as ITALVECO’s affiliated company

2017: Relaunch of ROCHEM Water Treatment GmbH; with the beginning of this year ROCHEM returned to its original name

Our Skills

With 20 years’ experience in the water treatment field and our historic development of membrane technology and water systems, we are able to transfer our knowledge and experience from one sector to another. Our experience enables us to provide our customers with exceptional water system designs combined with high quality maintenance service and spare parts.

Our After Sales

ROCHEM prides itself for being engaged through the entire process with its customers. Even well-maintained equipment can fall short of expectations as it gets older or in a changing environment, therefore ROCHEM Service & After Sales is tailored to our customers’ exact needs, ranging from component upgrades to full replacement of existing units, as well as refitting installations.

Our R&D Department

In addition to our deep knowledge and our years’ experience in the water sector, we consider our expertly trained technical staff to be as well the key strength to our company. Based on Rochem’s Research & Development department we are able to assist our customers with state-of-the-art systems and technologies.