Chemicals Improve the performance of your systems with the ROCHEM range of water treatment chemicals


For the removal of organic and microbiological fouling

Rochem Cleaner A-225 contains Sodium Hydroxide and is a strong alkaline cleaning compound to remove organic and microbiological layers from reverse osmosis membranes.

ROCHEM Cleaner B

For the removal of inorganic deposits and heavy metals

Rochem Cleaner B is a strong acidic product, containing nitric acid and phosphoric acid, for the descaling membranes and removal of heavy metal layers from reverse osmosis membranes.

ROCHEM Cleaner C

For the removal of Iron Oxides

Rochem Cleaner C is a mildly acid product for the removal of iron oxide layers from reverse osmosis membranes.


Pre-treatment for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration systems

Rochem ROPREP, containing sodium bisulfite, has been developed for use in reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration systems. It is a crystallization inhibitor and dispersant for all inorganic scale deposition.


Starter culture for membrane bioreactors

Rochem ROZYME 200 has been developed for use as a starter culture in membrane bioreactors especially for municipal waste water and ship’s waste water. It can be used for the initial start-up of the system as well as refreshing the microorganisms during normal daily operation.


Defoamer for membrane bioreactors and black water systems

Rochem DEFOAMER has been developed for use as defoaming agent in membrane bioreactor and black water systems. It is an alkoxylated fatty acid ester on vegetable basis.


Preservation of membrane systems

Rochem Rocide is a mildy acidic product, containing Sodiumbisulfite, for the short term preservation of membrane systems.